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1 Girl Revolution

Nov 19, 2021

This week’s episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast features Carolyn Presnell, Program Director of 1426 and WELD Seattle. Carolyn herself was incarcerated over 30 different times throughout her life, but finally got out the last time -- and decided to reclaim her life and set out to help others getting out of jail and prison. 

Carolyn started with an opportunity at WELD Seattle as Program Manager for Weld’s transitional women’s housing program and now she is program director of a new WELD Seattle project called - 1426. 

WELD Seattle works to equip system-impacted individuals with housing, employment and resources conducive to recovery and successful reintegration back into society after incarceration. 1426 is a new reentry resource center, will provide connection to housing, employment, mental health, and recovery resources for system-impacted individuals. 1426’s services will also include health and wellness programming, connection to legal resources, and mentorship. In addition, the center plans to offer adult education classes, family reunification assistance, connection to public services, and trauma-informed yoga, art, and music therapy.

For more information on Carolyn, WELD Seattle, and 1426, please visit: