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1 Girl Revolution

Feb 17, 2022

JacQuetta Brown, founder of Detroit Guardian Angels, joins The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast to share her powerful life story and to talk about the work of her phenomenal organization, Detroit Guardian Angels. JacQuetta is a survivor of childhood abuse and trauma, which she talks about in this episode - but she also shares the inspiring story of how she found her power to overcome it all and how she decided to start her life-changing organization. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • JacQuetta’s life story; 
  • She talks about the abuse and trauma she went through as a child;
  • JacQuetta talks about how she came to find her power and purpose;
  • JacQuetta shares the story of how she came up with the idea for Detroit Guardian Angels and she talks about their incredible work; 
  • And so much more.

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