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1 Girl Revolution

Mar 25, 2022

Molly Steffl of American Ninja Warrior Junior and founder of Carve Out Courage joins The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast to share her inspiring life story, her wisdom about life and courage, and the incredible work she’s doing through Carve Out Courage. Carve Out Courage is dedicated to empowering kids across the country and encouraging courage and resilience. 

Molly was born with a cleft lip and palate - and the gene for alopecia. Molly had all of her hair growing up, but once she got to school she was bullied - and the distress from the bullying switched on the alopecia gene… and Molly lost all of her hair. 

Molly has become an outspoken advocate for all kids, especially those who have differences, and she also advocates for acceptance, love, and courage for/from all people. Molly does “Molly Talks” in schools, businesses, and anywhere else that will invite her to speak. She is such a wise 12-year-old and has so much to share and impart on others. 

Molly’s mom Abbey was inspired to try out for American Ninja Warrior a few years ago, after one of Molly’s classmates mentioned that Molly was “like Kevin Bull on American Ninja Warrior.” Abbey, Molly and the Steffl family have been featured on American Ninja Warrior numerous times, including this upcoming season and Molly competed last year in American Ninja Junior. 

Molly joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her inspiring life story, to talk about her incredible work with Carve Out Courage, and more!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

- Molly’s inspiring life story;

- The struggles that Molly faced throughout her young life and how she overcame them;

- All about Carve Out Courage and the work that they’re doing to empower others;

- About Molly’s experience with alopecia;

- The story of how Molly’s mom Abbey decided to try out for American Ninja Warrior and all about their family’s experiences with American Ninja Warrior over the years;

- And so much more.

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