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1 Girl Revolution

Mar 3, 2022

Hope Forti, founder of Families Together, joins The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast this week to share her inspiring story and to talk about her incredible work with Families Together. Families Together (formerly Foster Together) connects families who feel isolated with volunteer “Neighbors” who work to support them and help them not feel so alone. Neighbors deliver meals, groceries, or care packages to one specific family for six months and build a friendship through encouraging notes and phone calls. This community support helps stabilize families and children, giving them the support they need to be successful together. Families Together was acquired by the Tennyson Center in 2020, which has helped amplify their work and opened up new opportunities for the organization and community. With more support, families succeed at integrating children back into stable homes – often a foster or kinship home – adding a Neighbor’s protective layer of community support to the healing process. In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Hope’s inspiring life story; 
  • The story of how Hope and her husband got into foster care and how Foster Together/Families Together began;
  • The tragic story of how Hope lost her husband, but continued on with the organization they founded to continue his legacy; 
  • How Foster Together became Families Together and you’ll hear all about their incredible work;
  • And so much more.

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